Invest in Cryptocurrencies
the Simple Way

Invest, Simply

Directly, invest in professionally constructed cryptocurrency portfolios based on risk and weighted fundamentally.

Create your Own Portfolio

You can also create your own portfolios from a wide range of cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks.

Manage your Portfolio

Buy and Sell just as you would on an exchange, just simpler.

IOS and Android Applications

Invest directly through our mobile applications on IOS and Android so you never miss a move in the market.

Cryptocurrency Investing Made Simple!

we understand that the way we are interacting with our money is changing and the way we interact with our investments should too.

Therefore, Astralis has developed a series of tools for you to break down your investments and their performance. By combining data with a smooth user interface we are able to display effective ways of tracking your money.

  • Create your Own Portfolio
  • State of art security and IT infrastructure
  • IOS and Android Applications

Secure Storage

All crypto-assets are stored In offline-cold storage.

Industry Leading Research

We strive to ensure the best assets are included in our funds.


Our user-interface is Simple and built for everyday users.